Menkind - Westquay, Southampton

June 2018


We have recently advised Menkind on their acquisition of a new permanent home in Westquay, Southampton in the former RED5 pop up store, the retailer bought by Menkind 1 1/2 years ago.


Similar to Reading, Menkind have traded in a couple of different locations in Westquay over the last 9 years however here the opportunity for a permanent home was in a very different pitch to where they had previously traded. Whilst the RED5 pop up did give us an idea of trading potential that brand was only using just under half of the potential sales space. Added to that the new Westquay leisure opened to “anchor” the mall where RED5 were and the only realistic option of ever having a permanent home here.


Despite the potential trading data gathered it was all in differing locations or different size and brand. 


Notwithstanding we got there in the end and opened a flagship circa 1,800sqfr sales Menkind in April and whilst its early doors we are delighted the store is smashing target.

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