Menkind - The Oracle, Reading

June 2018


We have recently advised Menkind on their acquisition of a new permanent home in The Oracle, Reading in the former Build A Bear unit.


This has been a while in the making and perfect illustration of it shall come to those that wait. 


We have advised Menkind on the acquisition and opening of 4 pop up shops in various locations within The Oracle over the last 8 or 9 years. These were of varying sizes from 700sqft to 3,000sqft, all either too small or too big for a permanent home but at the same time allowing trade to be assessed and so potential affordability once the right sized unit became available.


Given there’s only a handful of units in the centre that would suit Menkind when we found out Build A Bear were not going to renew their lease we were able to dive straight in and secure an off market deal for the Client. The store opened in April and despite the challenging trading conditions at present we are pleased its trading slightly ahead of budget.


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